The game show where the questions are ridiculous, but the answers are serious. Answer fun and witty trivia, listen to the host's wisecracks, and try to win the most cash! Play with a keyboard, a gamepad, or even a phone!

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Show us your questions, or just hang out and screw around, in our Discord server.

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Known issues

  • If you play the HTML version on mobile, audio synchronization is very unstable during the starts of questions. Audio sync is a recurring issue with other Godot games exported for HTML5, and currently, there is no easy fix for it.


  • Episode Pack 2 is now available!
    • Episodes 4, 5, and 6 are now available! If you want to skip ahead and unlock Episode 4, check the official preview site for cheat codes.
    • Oh yeah, we added a cheat code menu!
    • We added a brand-new question type. Play it to find it!
    • We added achievements!
    • Now you can download question files ahead of time!


Each player controls 6 gameplay buttons and 1 pause button.


Use the hai!touch Gate to join in from your phone! (This feature can be turned off if you don't want to use it, or set to require manual approval of each player.)


Up to 4 players each control 6 keys arranged in 3 by 2 rows. Assuming US QWERTY, the key binds are: QWE/ASD, FGH/VBN, UIO/JKL, and Numpad 789/456.


Up to 2 players can share a controller. Each player also uses a joystick to type.

There are 3 different methods to type your answers on a controller: the slow but familiar “Grid” keyboard, the fastest “DaisyWheel” keyboard, and the middle-of-the-road but intuitive “Spiral” keyboard.


The game can also be controlled with a mouse or a touchscreen. However, multi-touch is not supported, so please do not try to press multiple buttons at once and expect something special to happen. Only one player can use the mouse/touchscreen at once.


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Great game, will definitely play with friends :D

the game is awesome and the anounmant was tht episode 4,5,6 are going to be releases please make more content hai!touch

love 108078076