Shingo! is a word-guessing game based on the TV show Lingo (and to some extent, its viral webapp ripoff Wordle). To play as a standalone page, go to


You have 7 guesses to guess an English word written in Shavian. After each guess, each letter will be colored according to how close you were.

  • A gray letter is not in the secret word.
  • A yellow letter is in the secret word, but in the wrong place.
  • A green letter is in the secret word in the right spot.


You can choose the number of letters in the word between 4 and 7 inclusive.

  • Hard Mode forces all your guesses to take into account previous clues.
  • Always show first letter gives you the first letter when you start (as it is in Lingo). You can optionally turn this off for a more Wordle-like experience.


The words are taken from the Kingsley-Read Lexicon, with proper nouns filtered out, and some missing words added.

The font is a modified version of Mikado by Hannes von Döhren (HVD Fonts). Shavian letters were added by myself.

The voice samples are produced by the voice synthesizer DECtalk, developed by Dennis Klatt and popularized by Moonbase Alpha and Stephen Hawking. (Look at the Wiki article—the picture has a cat for scale.)

If you like the once-a-day aspect of Wordle, try Shawdle by Shavian School, the most direct inspiration for this game.

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