a frantic puzzle game from hai!touch Studios

You’ve gained the ability to control the flow of time. You decided to play 3 puzzle games at once, because with great power comes great tomfoolery.

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Multistak (a portmanteau of “multitask” and “stack”) is a puzzle game in which you juggle up to 3 playfields in a hectic game of Tetris. There is only 1 Next Queue between them, and inactive playfields play at 1/8 speed.


  • Gameplay that’s easy to learn, hard to master
  • Adaptive music that reacts to which playfield is focused
  • Sound effects that harmonize with the music
  • 360×180px resolution, crisp at common resolutions
  • 90’s tech demo style graphics and shaders
  • Key config
  • DAS and ARR config for the pro Tetris players


The modes are called Singlestak, Doublestak, and Triplestak, which contains 1, 2, and 3 playfields, respectively. All modes start at Level 1 and advance every 10 cleared lines. The game “ends” at Level 20, but you may continue as long as you can last.

The pieces are colored and rotated according to Tetris Guidelines, except for the following: 1) The I piece rotates as in World Rule from the Tetris: the Grandmaster series by Arika, which cause the I piece to rotate symmetrically; 2) Spin moves are judged not by four corners, but by whether or not the piece is immobile after locking (i.e. the piece has no empty space to move up, left, or right). Scoring is also its own.


Default controls are as follows:, but may be remapped.

ActionKeyboardGamepad (Xbox conventions)
Move piece
left, right
D-Pad left, right
Rotate piece
Z, X
A, B button
Soft drop
downD-Pad down
Hard drop
upD-Pad up
Switch playfield
A, S
Menu: move cursor
arrow keys
Menu: confirm
EnterA button


This game is compatible with computers out of the box, but requires a keyboard or a gamepad on tablets and smartphones.

Available on the following platforms:

  • Browser - most devices
  • Windows (64 bit, 32 bit)
  • Mac
  • Linux (64 bit, 32 bit)

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More info

Presented by hai!touch Studios (a one-man band by Haley Halcyon).

Made for the Game Jam #2: “Speed”.

Powered by the Godot Engine. The Godot Engine and this game are both released under the MIT Licence.

Tetris and its gameplay are intellectual property of Tetris Holdings LLC. hai!touch Studios is in no capacity associated with Tetris Holdings. This game is presented in good faith that it falls under Fair Use, specifically under parody and artistic expression.


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Multistak.x86_64 73 MB 34 MB
Multistak_x64.exe 37 MB
Multistak_x86.exe 38 MB

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